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Presentazione del libro "La passione della letteratura" di Luigi Sampietro

Novara 25 giugno 2018

A Casa Bossi si presenta il libro "La passione della letteratura" di Luigi Sampietro.

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Studies and Texts


The Formation of a Peripatetic Philosophy of the Soul 1160-1300

Edited by Dag Nikolaus Hasse


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ISBN: 978-0-85481-125-7

£ 32,00

Prezzo: € 32,00

In the twelfth century the Book on the Soul by the philosopher Avicenna was translated from Arabic into Latin. It had an immense success among scholastic writers and deeply influenced the structure and content of many psychological works of the Middle Ages. The reception of Avicenna's book is the story of cultural contact at an impressive high intellectual level.

The present volume investigates this successful reception using two approaches. The first is chornological, tracing the stages by which Avicenna's works was accepted and adapted by Latin scholars. The second is doctrinal, analysing the fortunes of key doctrines. The sense of the original Arabic text of Avicenna is kept in mind throughout and the degree to which his original Latin interpreters succeeded in conveying it is evaluated.


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