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Presentazione del libro "La passione della letteratura" di Luigi Sampietro

Novara 25 giugno 2018

A Casa Bossi si presenta il libro "La passione della letteratura" di Luigi Sampietro.

Le Collane Nino Aragno Editore



Edited by Paul Taylor and François Quiviger


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ISBN: 978-0-85481-125-7

£ 30,00

Prezzo: € 30,00

This volume contains most of the papers delivered at a colloquium held at the Warburg Institute in May 1997, together with two additional contributions. It provides a study of the concept of composition in European art and art literature from the middle ages to the beginning of the present century. The contributions are scattered down a methodological spectrum. Towards the one end are authors who view past writings on composition with early twentieth-century concepts at the backs of their minds. That is, they are concerned to show the extent to which writers on art before 1880 would have been able to think of a work of art in the terms put forward by modernist theorists like Maurice Denis, Wassily Kandinsky and Clement Greenberg, as a flat surface, covered with colours, lines and forms arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. At the other end of the spectrum are authors who do not approach the problem in so teleological a manner. Their aim is to give us a richer sense of the ways in which artists and theorists conceived of composition before the modern period, by describing some of the implications and connotations of the concept within a broader field of political and religious meanings.

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