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Letture poetiche da "La cadenza sospesa" di Valentina Colonna

Torino 29 gennaio 2018

Alla Feltrinelli Express Valentina Colonna legge alcune poesie dalla sua raccolta "La cadenza sospesa".

Presentazione del libro "Famiglie monastiche" di Maria Chiara Giorda

Torino 8 febbraio 2018

Al Circolo dei Lettori si presenta il libro "Famiglie monastiche" di Maria Chiara Giorda.

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Edited by Charles Burnett and William F. Ryan


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ISBN: 978-0-85481-131-1

£ 32,00

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The present volume arose from a colloquium on magic and divination intended to apply the study of the history of the classical tradition to the specific area of magic. Magic is interpreted in a very broad sense, and the book includes discussions of Neoplatonic theurgy, Hermetic astrological talismans, the occult activities of oracles and witches, demon-possession, popular beliefs and party tricks. While several articles look at magic in the Graeco-Roman tradition, others deal with practices in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Byzantium and Russia. The emphasis is on showing transmission through time, and across cultural and linguistic borders, and the continuing importance of classical or ancient authorities among writers of more recent periods. Editions of several previously unpublished Latin texts are included.

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