The outstanding figure in the history of Jewish scholarship, Azariah de’ Rossi (1511-1577), gained his reputation among both Christians and Jews for his Hebrew work, the Light of the Eyes, which was first printed in Mantua in 1573. Yet he was also the author of a short but original and daring Italian treatise on the Syriac version of the New Testament. This work lay in manuscript, unheeded by scholars, for centuries. The late Dayyan Alfredo Ravenna found the reference to the autograph manuscript in the Narducci catalogue of the Angelica Library in Rome; he was the first scholar to appreciate the importance of the text. Many years have elapsed since that initial discovery; in the meantime, another autograph of the same text came to light in the Vatican Library. This edition presents both the Italian text and the translation into English as well as annotations by Johanna Weinberg.