Carmela Baffioni: Contrariety and Similarity in God according to al-Fārābī and al-Kirmānī: A Comparison
Michael Chase: Did Porphyry Write a Commentary on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics? Albertus Magnus, al-Fārābī and Porphyry on per se Predication
Peter Adamson: Miskawayh's Psychology
Cornelia Schoeck: Discussions on Conditional Sentences from the Year AH 17/AD 638 to Avicenna (d. AH 428/AD 1037)
Jon McGinnis: Avoiding the Void: Avicenna on the Impossibility of Circular Motion in a Void
Yahya Michot: Al-Nukat wa-l-fawā’id: An Important Summa of Avicennian Falsafa
Toby Mayer: Avicenna against Time Beginning: The Debate between the Commentators on the Ishārāt
Dag Nikolaus Hasse:  Spontaneous Generation and the Ontology of Forms in Greek, Arabic and Medieval Latin Sources
Sajjad Rizvi: (Neo)Platonism Revived in the Light of the Imams: Qādī Sa´īd Qummī (d. AH 1107/ AD 1696) and his Reception of the Theologia Aristotelis