Peter Adamson:  Introduction
Dimitri Gutas:  Philosophy in the Twelfth Century: One View from Baghdad, or the Repudiation of al-Ghazali
N. Peter Joosse:  Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi as a Philosopher and a Physician: Myth or Reality, Topos or Truth?
Frank Griffel:  Between al-Ghazali and Abu l-Barakat al-Baghdadi: The Dialectical Turn in the Philosophy of Iraq and Iran During the Sixth/Twelfth Century
Ayman Shihadeh:  New Light on the Reception of al-Ghazali’s Doctrines of the Philosophers (Maqasid al- Falasifa)
Sylvie Nony:  La dynamique d'Abu l-Barakat: faire le vide pour penser le changement du changement
Heidrun Eichner:  'Knowledge by Presence', Apperception and the Mind-Body Relationship: Fakhr al-Din al-Razi and al-Suhrawardi as Representatives of a Thirteenth-Century Discussion
Jari Kaukua:  I in the Light of God: Selfhood and Self-Awareness in Suhrawardi’s Hikm at al-ishraq
Deborah L. Black:  Averroes on the Spirituality and Intentionality of Sensation
Matteo Di Giovanni:  Substantial Form in Averroes’s Long Commentary on the Metaphysics
Taneli Kukkonen:  Heart, Spirit, Form, Substance: Ibn Tufayl’s Psychology
Resianne Fontaine:  Jewish Philosophy on the Eve of the Age of Averroism: Ibn Daud's Necessary and Steven Harvey Existent and his Use of Avicennian Science 
Anna Akasoy:  What is Philosophical Sufism?
Gregor Schwarb:  Mu‘tazilism in the Age of Averroes