Zur Shalev:  Main Themes in the Study of Ptolemy's Geography in the Renaissance
Alexander Jones:  Ptolemy’s Geography: A Reform that Failed
Dario Tessicini:  Definitions of Cosmography and Geography in the Wake of Ptolemy’s Geography
Angelo Cattaneo:  Map Projections and Perspective in the Renaissance
Mario Carpo:  The Early Modern Renaissance of Digital Images: Alberti, Ptolemy, and a Map of Rome
Benjamin Weiss:  The Geography in Print: 1475–1530
George Tolias:  Ptolemy’s Geography and Early Modern Antiquarian Practices
Alfred Hiatt:  Mutation and Supplement: The 1513 Strasbourg Ptolemy
Margaret Small:  Warring Traditions: Ptolemy and Strabo in the Geography of Sebastian Münster
Alessandro Scafi:  After Ptolemy: The Mapping of Eden
Lesley Cormack:  Ptolemy at work: The Role of the Geography in Geography and Mathematics Teaching in Early Modern England
Appendix:  Jacopo Angeli's introduction to his translation into Latin of the Geography, translated by Charles Burnett