Hannah Rosén: Greek in Latin, Greek into Latin – Reflections on the Passage of Patterns
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John Glucker: Cicero’s Remarks on Translating Philosophical Terms – Some General Problems
Andrew Siebengartner: Stoically Seeing and Being Seen in Cicero’s Aratea
Peter Tóth: Honey on the Brim of the Poison Cup: Translation and Propaganda: Rufinus’s Latin Version of the Historia Monachorum in Aegypto
Dimitrios Nikitas: Exemplum logicum Boethii: Reception and Renewal
Pieter De Leemans: Remarks on the Text Tradition of De longitudine et brevitate vitae, tr. Guillelmi
Marianne Pade: The Fifteenth-Century Latin Versions of Plutarch’s Lives: Examples of Humanist Translation
Paul Botley: Greek Epistolography in Western Europe in Fifteenth-Century Italy
Pierre Petitmengin: La publication de traductions latines d’œuvres grecques dans la France du XIXe siècle