Shaar ha-shamayim, the Gate of Heaven, is an essay about the symbolism of the sefirot, which was probably written in Italy around the end of the 14th century by an author unknown to us. The text is mainly an assembling of ideas drawn from different kabbalistic sources; nonetheless it has its own value, because it explains in relatively simple language the basic relationships and concepts necessary to understand the sefirot. In this way a reader inexperienced in the kabbalah receives initial information about the structure of the sefirot world and the manner in which emanation functions; in addition he has at hand a systematic definition of the most common symbols of the sefirot. This trilingual volume offers for the first time the critical edition of the Hebrew text of the work together with the Latin version made in 1486 by the convert Flavius Mithridates for the Humanist Giovanni Pico della Mirandola and an English translation.